Channel Plumbing installed a IBC Technologies hot water boiler. That night it didn't work. The next day they came and asked for their money and asked them to fix the problem, they did and I paid them. A little reluctantly because how did I know it is fixed. After they got their money, I didn't see them again. I called because a pipe was leaking, they never came. They later said, they don't remember anything like that. Well, I hired a handyman to fix the pipe. A couple years later, had some problems, service man came one day, changed a part. Still wasn't working. They came the next day, changed another part. The service man, said I need some money, no invoice by the way. Service guy told us he never collects, but was asked by the boss to get some money out of us. I said, how do I know if it is working now? (because it wasn't working after the first visit). I said I'll pay after I know it is fixed. Talk to the boss, he was flipping out, called me an "arrogant bast..." right off the bat. He was insulting, swore multiple times, implied I'm dumber than a monkey. Just want to warn people Channel Plumbing only thinks of themselves completely. I would never recommend their services. As the owner said to me for next time, "Even a monkey could find somebody else online."

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