Blue Power has definite issues with customer service, they make promises, but do not necessarly follow through. When we had our system installed, during the installation the installer damaged our gutters and installed the panels crooked on the roof. I have called Bluepower numerous times and each time they act suprised, to this day nobody came to correct the panels on the roof or correct the issue with my gutter. When the system was first hooked up the inverter failed instantly they replaced it in a week! 4 months later, looks like the inverter stopped working again! I hope this is a fluke, otherwise 20 years will take a long time. On a positive note when the system works it produce ample energy and generates on average 20% more then the payment schedule. You will not get rich from this but it will pay for your hydro and save on some of your heatingécooling costs and preserve your south side facing shingles.

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