Have you ever wanted to tear your hair out as a result of frustration because no business wants to respond to a small job!! Well, this is exactly how I felt on a Sunday morning in July. It was HOT out, it was a SUNDAY!! Who would want to take a look a my leaking faucet which was causing me much anxiety because I had called all over looking for someone who would tackle a small job. My prayers were answered when I searched and found Brent Martin on the internet. I sent him a message on Sunday morning and he was at my place Sunday afternoon, tools in hand. He efficiently installed a couple of washers, turned down the temperature on my hot water heater and explained very politely how the whole system worked. I now have the use of my shower, hot water that doesn't scald and some knowledge of a hot water heater and how it shuts off and on. Thank you Brent for a wonderful job and the patience to deal with a female senior who just recently is on her own. I really don't know what I would have done had I not found you!! I highly recommend Brent of Beacon Service Solutions for any job you may need done, large or small.

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Company Response

Lorraine i am very glad to have helped you. I appreciate you kind words and look forward to helping you with any future work.

Thank you

Brent Martin