Before moving from our rental property, the carpets needed cleaning as per our rental agreement. We had already used this company before and were extremely satisfied with the employee's professionalism and knowledge of carpets and stain removal. With this particular job he exceeded expectations and managed to get pet stains/smells out of the carpet throughout our house. We were VERY satisfied with this company!

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We needed a very basic mower for a small house we just moved into, I had always had a gas mower before so I was unsure what to buy. I could not find any associate to help me find what I wanted. When I found the product myself, it was not priced correctly as I had checked it earlier online. When I took it to the till, an associate scanned it for me and fortunately it then came up as the correct price. I was unhappy and angry with the service.

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I was unsure what part I needed, as I had never done any plumbing myself. Upon entering the store, the employees directed me to the department I needed right away, and there was an associate nearby who explained my options. It was very simple and easy.

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