She knowingly removed a supportive wall between my kitchen and dining room. An engineer and a new contractor will now have to fix this very costly error. Fortunently I had it fixed before the house literally caved in.

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Company Response

Hello again Ms Froats,

While I commiserate with your predicament; I must remind you that the services provided for you by Wynter Interiors were purely cosmetic in nature as outlined in our contract. While I was later informed by you that you chose to undergo some additional work with the contractor I used to remove popcorn from your ceiling, I was not privy to the exact nature and extent of that work as you and he entered into a separate agreement. Thusly, my advise to you remains the same as when you last informed me of your displeasure.
I wish we were communicating again under much better terms I'm much more accustomed to receiving feedback like the examples below:

Hi Charmaine,

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic the exterior colours looks on my house. The door does look custom (one of my neighbours thought we had changed it), and the dark brown colour looks very rich. Makes it appear like a whole new house. Very happy!

Clarence will be back on Friday to complete the wallpaper in the bathroom, I'll update you once it is done.

Thanks again.


Hi Charmaine,
Happy New Year!
We've lived in our Halifax townhouse for 4 years and have had 2 decorators help us, but none like you. Would you be interested in coming out to Halifax for the day, staying overnight and providing a consultation? Our budget for the main floor (which is really where we live) is $50,000. which includes your fee. What do you think?
Bonnie and Carole


Hi Charmaine,

The neighbour came by and complimented the palette. Loved the colours. She asked me if I had chosen them. I said yes but with the help of a very kind and professional designer. Way to go!

Thanks a lot. I am very happy!!



Charmaine Wynter CID., IDS