Everything was wrong about this purchase and the service we received from Macy's. It should have been a signal to us that this purchase was doomed when, on our first attempt to order the sofa, we were informed by the salesperson that we would have to come back in two weeks because he was not yet trained to sell that particular sofa (which was sitting on the showroom floor). Eventually the order was placed. They did not call once the sofa arrived in their warehouse, and then their highly inconvenient delivery schedule made us wait even longer only to find out that they had ordered the wrong sofa upon delivery. The delivery service is inaccurate with their estimated home delivery times. Their "rapid response team" for delivery issues is neither rapid nor responsive (Macy's defines rapid response as within 48 BUSINESS hours). The second couch was also incorrect. The third and finally correct couch was filthy when delivered. They are completely inequipped to deliver customer service because at no time did anyone take ownership of our account and issues, instead leaving us to deal with random sales person/manager of the day and call center operatives. Let me summarize by saying that it took Macy's five months to deliver dirty merchandise and during that time not a single person who promised to call us back ever did. I would NEVER shop there again and recommend that others stay away from them at all costs.

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