Hired plumber based on ad in local paper, since he was local we felt he would do a good job. First day he spent approx. 4 hrs power rodding the drain, with no luck...continously swearing out loud in frustation, stated he had another job and would return the next day. He did return and then spent approx. 2 hours until my husband suggested he take our shop vac and use it to remove the material that was now loose in the pipe. He was all frustrated and swearing again this day. During all of this my husband would assist him and gave him rolls of paper towels along with a pile of rags I gave him to use which he left in a pile out on our deck. He did not clean up after himself at all. He then handed us a bill of $960, stating it was 8 hours at $125/hr (he had given us a small break of $40) Shame on us for not asking him to disclose his price before hand. We never anticipated this large of a bill. We should have just rented a commercial power rodder ourselves.

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Barreca Blacktop is so easy to work with, they have an internet site where you can set up your schedule for your driveway to be seal-coated. You even receive a discount when you register via the web. They do a great job and are prompt. They even pre-clean your drivway and are very neat! No problem in rescheduling either. Highly reccommend this company!

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