When someone takes advantage of you or rips you off you are always torn between embarrassment and letting the world know. Over 1 year ago Adam and his father Steve quoted on a job. The price was fair and a contract was signed. It was apparent after the work was started that the subcontractor had no idea what he was doing. He in fact admitted that it was his first retaining wall he has ever done. Steve came to the job site after months and months of false promises ( Makes every excuse in the book, a total disregard for other people time). He finally came and agreed to send another crew and would do a bunch of other work to complete the contract.(in writing) After a year of waiting the work has not been completed. He said he would refund some money so we could get another crew to complete it ( estimates are 10-15k based on quotes to fix the crap) now he says take me to court. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS GUY SAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION now going on 1.5 years and they are refusing to return to do the work that they were paid for.

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