Oh man I wish I didn't have to write this review but I have really no other options at this point. I have been chasing after Sod After and Steve for over a year now trying to get him to finish/fix the job we hired him for last fall. He PROMISED me that they were only rushing the job to get it done for winter and would 100% be back the following spring/summer to finish and fix any of the things that weren't up to "his standards". Here we are now Fall a year later and since then it has been an endless supply of excuses and him completely ignoring my texts looking for updates and now i'm at the point where he simply won't answer me at all. My wife thinks i'm crazy for continuing to reach out to him to try and get this looked after. He only contacted me once in the spring after like 3 texts wondering what was going on and gave me a call saying they needed to get some jobs done in the spring and we'd be all looked after in a few weeks once they "got some money in their pockets to pay the bills" which I was sympathetic to and after that I never heard from him again EVER. I have texted and emailed him and he will NOT get back to me. Here is a small list of issues with the job so far (less than 1 year later): - Both gates are falling off the hinges already, we can barely open either one at this point and one is so uneven it is rubbing against the post. - Several of the lower 2x4's are completely pulled away from the fence now and look terrible as well as blocking the falling over gates preventing them from opening. - The concrete pad already has a chunk cracked out of it from the winter which is insane for less than a year old. - The posts on the one side of our yard are mostly crooked and need to be re-done. - Several of the top pieces of wood on the top of the fence are crooked and not straight at all. - Several of the fence boards are warped and bowing or exposing large uneven gaps. - There was never enough rocks put on the dog run so the weed mat or ground cover is completely exposed and looks so ugly now. - There was supposed to be edging put along the one side of the yard between the grass and rocks there, that was never done and at this point i'm not holding my breath. I honestly hate like HATE having to write a review like this, Steve was such a nice guy at first and even though there were a couple red flags during the work overall I was mostly satisfied with everything until he completely ghosted us and won't get back to me so I feel like i'm up against a wall here with no other options but to warn others not to make the same mistake as me. I also now have to find another landscaper to come and fix all these issues which is going to cost me god knows how much. So disappointed. I know I didn't have a big expensive job but I really feel like I deserved better than this.

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