I was having trouble finding a company to fill in out 16x32 in ground pool. We were either too far away or the company was interested enough to get back in touch with us. I was about to give up and look at the impossibility of me possibly doing it myself... that's when I stumbled upon Lisa and Alan at "The Pool Fill In People". Right from the very first conversation, I knew I had found the crew I needed! There were some delays, as the weather was very uncooperative, but we kept in touch and planned for a date when the weather got better. Well, that day came and the crew showed up and went right to work. Within 3 days, the job was done and done right. They had taken to utmost care in doing as little damage to the property as possible; any damage that was done, they put it back right (Torn up grass, fences, etc). I have even made a request for them not to damage the garden around the pool area, which I thought would be impossible, but true to their word, they kept the garden intact! I had the last day of the project off of work, so I was able to personally interact with the crew and let me tell you, these are some of the most stand up guys I have ever had over to my home to do work. You could tell that ALL of them cared about your property as well as the work they were doing. A week after the job was done, the grass has come up lush and green, which is a big problem ... now my original grass looks so bad! I can't recommend them enough!

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