Our Hot Tub heater stopped working and we called this company to come have a look, right away it cost us 200.00, we had all the panels off already so it took him all of 10mins to tell us we need a new heater ours could not be fixed, I said he had to order it from a company out of town and it is going to cost $649.76, we gave him a Check and within 10 mins of leaving he cashed the check, I called him the very next morning to canceled the job it was too expensive to repair a 20 year old Hot Tub, he also said he had to charge us another 200.00 to come back an put the part in. he then wanted us to pay a 50% restocking fee for canceling the job. This Guy is very Dishonest and I will no recommend him, he must have gotten his 10 stars rating from family members

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