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the homes are gorgeous and the sales person mark was very nice and knowledgable. I wanted to put an addition on my cottage in 2005. I put down a deposit on the work and signed a contract. My economic situation changed and I delayed the project leaving my deposit with Linwood. this month i went back to them and asked to start the project up again but to change the original plan to something different that would better suit my budget and I don't need to make the cottage as big as I first thought I would need. I was told that i have to stay with the original package even though my contract is null and void due to the time lapse of 4 years. So now I'm in the process of hiring another company to do my reno and Linwood will still keeps my deposit. Beware of their contracts, if you sign a contract with them you have to have the goods delivered within 3 months of your signing otherwise you will be responsible for charges like price increases on lumber even after you signed for the listed package price. In my case the package price is $9,000 less than what i signed for in 2005. in order to get access to my money i would have to resign another contract even though it's not what i currently need or want. i've had no response from the VP Craig

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