We have had Lowe painting at our house a few times over the last year. They did our entire basement, the main floor and upstairs hall, main floor laundry, bathroom, dining room and living room. We will have them back for other painting projects I only have great things to say. The work is high quality and reasonably priced. Job scheduling is very responsive and flexible. All of the people have been very clean and polite. Craig and team exceed on all areas of service that you are looking for. I'm difficult to impress but there were a couple items recently where they exceeded my expectations. We had an incident where a towel bar was pulled out of the wall in a bathroom leaving a large hole. We wanted the hole repaired correctly so the the towel bar could be reinstalled in the same spot. I came home one day to find the hole was gone and it was completely invisible but I couldn't smell any paint as I would expect if the bathroom had been repainted that day. The painter had fixed the hole and repainted the patch so perfectly I could not even see it ! We still had them repaint the bathroom but this was real quality work. The second item was related to some resin baseboard we bought. We redid the entire basement including new baseboard and quarter round. We have one curved area by the staircase and bought matching pieces made of resin. It bends so you can fit to the surface instead of using water and bending wood. The problem was staining it, as it is not wood. It is supposed to take stain like wood so we thought it would be simple. We had another contractor stain the baseboard and had done a good job but they could not figure out how to stain the resin let alone get it to match. I tried myself on some scrap and couldn't figure it out either. Craig did it in minutes. I was really smiling when I saw his resuilts ! Keith and Ingrid Fox

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