I hired Adam to fix a leak in our new bathroom vanity. We agreed on a price and he went to work. He did not have any parts to do the job and ended up using spare parts that I had around. He worked no more than 10 minutes on the vanity and assured me that if it leaks again he will come back free of charge to fix it. As soon as he left it started leaking again. I called him to come back at 2:00pm and he showed up at 11:00pm, after I called him several times. He insisted that I pay him another $100 to fix the leak. At this point I agreed because I just wanted the job completed. Once again, Adam assured me the leak was fixed. A few minutes later it was leaking again. He came back the third time and charged me another $20 to put a band aid of silicone on the drain to stop the leak (which didn’t work). To top it off, Adam broke the drawer and track on our brand new vanity rendering it useless. I have called him several times in the past two days and he is avoiding my phone calls. Please do not use this company. Adam is not experienced and will make you pay for his mistakes and experiments.

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