This is a family-run business with their young children running the marketing side because they can speak English. They replaced the shingles of half of the main roof, except a small dormer which they claimed was considered a shed although it was part of the main roof. They said that according to their standard anything that is not at roof level is not considered roof. No amount of reasons and explanations would work because the one who makes decision is the father who does not speak or understand English and the children are just so afraid of him. Also, after receiving the payment they have left me with a copy of the invoice and not the original probably thinking that it will lessen the chances of complaints being filed against them.

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Company Response

Hi, there.
We are indeed a family business, and my brother and I are already 21-year-old adults instead of young children as you said (young children are 6-8 years old). The dormer you mentioned, I already asked you before I give out quote, and also in advance if there is anything else besides the main roof? You answered no, only the main roof. And my quote does not include it. So we don't have enough shingles for it. We will learn from this case and better solve problems for customers and communicate with them. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by misunderstanding each other. By the way, our workmanship is no problem, just there are communication problems.

Thank you for your review!