Update: September 3, 2020 (after 7 more months ! ) - I have increased the rating from one star to 8/10 ! Well today we got much closer to a Completion - almost 14 months later. Greensaver sent 2 guys, Shakheel and Ahmed, to do the touchups and areas missed for air sealing and insulating some floor joists. They showed up 3 hours early so I had to tell them to come back at the appointment time. But it was still good they came early as they first quickly reviewed the job and my expectations. Sure enough they were missing some fiberglass insulation. I repeat i do feel it is important to monitor the work they do so they understand what you are expecting. Don't just expect these people to 'know what to do ' having never been in your old house. Ahmed was prone to cutting corners , claiming he could not reach certain areas. I had to push him to get a ladder from his truck. But Shakheel was very gracious (and taller) and would cover the areas, with insulation and air sealing, that Ahmed had missed. While there were one or two very hard to reach areas, I feel as professionals they should use their skills and ingenuity to ALSO reach hard to reach corners which sometimes have huge cracks and air leaks. Professionals are not supposed to be 'dainty flowers' and make excuses right ? ! At one point , Ahmed had put up almost all the insulation while i was not looking without crack sealing with silicon or foam at all despite my spending a half hour and showing many examples of how i did it and how Gary (the expert) told me it needs to be done. Luckily Shakheel came to the rescue and redid Ahmed's work or I would not have been satisfied enough to raise the rating from a one to a four out of five. I still had some confusion about what they are willing to do with the knee attic. Again , they don't look for difficult and complicated jobs . You really have to dig around. I am still negotiating with them as to whether they would foam seal some areas in the knee attic to upgrade it either from close to zero or R10 to R20 or better . Again they are saying some areas are 'hard to reach ' . But is not that what professionals do ? I did one area myself last October because of the confusion . As the old insulation was totally gone and the vapour barrier removed in the old house. On the whole , I learned so much from them, slowly but surely, in the overall feedback and interactive process that i am still going to give them a good rating even despite one or two minor shortcomings in the work today. I understand things now i never knew anything about when it comes to insulating a home, thanks to the WHOLE team i.e Rod, Gary , Portia , Shakheel etc. ORIGINAL REVEW (January 2020) - The work and experience started off OK but then when you require followup or have simple questions about the work it is a total nightmare. Your emails and phone calls are ignored and I find myself 'left hanging' on projects that started 8 months ago. At Greensaver nobody is in charge and nobody really cares. In my case, I signed up for attic insulation and air sealing. They did one part of the attic but not the other. I repeatedly asked them why as both areas are connected ? After 7 months, I never got an answer. I had to do it myself ($200 out of pocket expense), because winter was approaching, at considerable time and expense even though they bill Enbridge Gas and the Province of Ontario , and the federal government $2000 - $3000. The same goes for the air sealing. They did about 40% or 50% of the job and then disappeared.

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