This contractor came highly recommended by friends and was able to start our renovation work quickly, which started out amazing. As the job progressed, the promised timeline to complete the work was not even close (not from our doing whatsoever). The contractor and sub-trades worked short days or didn't show up at all some days. There was constant turmoil and yelling (fowl language used around my children) between the contractor and the sub-trades. In the end, we had to pay the Electrician directly to avoid a construction lien matter, as he had not been paid by the contractor for his work. Thankfully, we had kept a small holdback to satisfy this. When the shower was installed, they failed to include a tub spout with the shower assembly; although we had included this information in our plumbing fixture requests. By that point, I just wanted them out of my home. Within 6 months of the work being completed, we experienced continuous plumbing issues; odours, back up in the laundry drain, etc. I contacted another contractor to inspect the work and we were forced to incur an additional $1,700.00 in repair work to remedy all the deficiencies in Roben's work. They had failed to vent the plumbing and drain lines installed incorrectly to prevent overflow in the plumbing system. I have contacted Roben via email twice to discuss these issues, but they have failed to reply. DO NOT USE THIS CONTRACTOR EVER.

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