Ty came to our place on Saturday to clean our micro-suede sectional and an area rug. He did a wonderful job at getting out all spots and grime. I was concerned the micro-suede may show water marks or other problems but it turned out beautifully. I am very pleased. I would recommend him to anyone and would use him again in the future. His price was also quite reasonable.

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I feel compelled to share my story since it has been nothing short of a disaster. I purchased 3 stainless steel appliances from Honest Boy - an LG fridge and a Fridigaire Professional Series range and dishwasher. Overall their prices were more competitive than any other retailer. We needed the appliances delivered on a specific date. 1 week before the date he tells me they don't deliver on Tuesdays. I paid extra (total of $100) to "special deliver" on a Tuesday.. ok fine. The fridge didn't work. It never worked from day 1. We called the technician who said it needs to be replaced. I called Honest Boy and told them this and asked them to send me a new Fridge. He said I needed to wait for the Return Authorization to be issued from LG. 3 days later, HB had not received the authorization. (here's where they differ from Big BOx stores). Another retailer may have sent me a fridge during this process. Since Honest Boy is a small shop they won't. It's going on 2 weeks now that I do not have a fridge. It costs me a ridiculous amount of money to eat out every day and feed a family. Kelly from HB told us the Fridge would be in our house last Friday or definitely Monday... well today is Tuesday and still no Fridge. I called again and he told me "Not to worry about it..." Here's the kicker. So 4 days ago the stove stopped working. Frigidaire comes to the house. They tell us we need a brand new stove. Same process as above. So now Honest Boy won't deliver my fridge to me until the stove arrives because they will lose money if they have to send delivery guys out to the house twice.... unbelievable. Here's the best part of the story. Last night we washed some dishes (not that we have many dirty dishes since we have no fridge or stove to cook food and therefore don't eat at home). The diswasher started leaking all over the floor. The plumber came out and said it wasn't the hose or his connection, but that the bottom on the diswasher is cracked. Today we phoned Frigidaire to book a service appointment. Neeless to say any money I saved is long gone in take out and rotten food costs. I also paid someone to hook up the diswasher so now I wonder if Frigidaire will send a technician to hook up the replacement. I will pay more in the future and buy from a big box store where I can have some protection. They say they have been in business 55 years and this is the first time it's ever happend. All I know is I'm out of pocket over $4000k and all I have is 3 broken appliances to show for it.

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