Carl submitted an estimate for the work that was at least $10,000 less than the estimate received from another contractor. I was impressed that he did not attempt to do a cosmetic cover-up of any damaged areas, but looked for the source of the problem and sought to correct the cause so that no further damage would occur. He voluntarily added more small projects to the original project when the need for them became apparent-- like replacing the water line from the street when the old, no-longer-legal pipe collapsed-- and in so doing prevented what could have eventually turned into a huge basement flood! He also willingly addressed other small tasks when I pointed them out, such as adding some molding in a closet over a non-useful hole above the door on the inside that used to collect a lot of dust. His helper was inexperienced and required instruction and supervision, but how else do young men get a start in the construction business? Someone has to be willing to let them learn on the job. I am very grateful for the improvements to my house, which is now warmer and quieter upstairs and drier in the basement, and also grateful that it did not cost what other contractors would have charged me.

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