Grout work was very well done. My tiles however did not react well to the cleaning process ( cheminais?) and unfortunately there is a dullness to them and residue streaks. Owen offered to come back and have a look and suggested they will eventually come back with cleaning. I’ve scrubbed them by hand twice and they are not the same tiles.

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Company Response

Homeowners please take a good look at BEFORE and AFTER pictures and decide for yourself if we deserve 2/10 rating by this client.

When tiles have years of dirt built up, grease, soil, oil, embedded discolouration and stains it tends to leave a sheen on the tile surface not intended look by the manufacturer.
However after the restoration the tile returns back to its original look intended by the manufacturer. Chances are the client have never seen the floor tile surface this clean and mistake that for dullness.

However client mentioned I adviced her to schedule me back to give the floor a quick buff to correct the streaks of concern but the client didn't even try to schedule me back but rushed into giving us a review.

TilesRus is still the best in Restoration business.