I was looking for plumbing pipes for a small home project. The project required various sizes of pipes. Went to Rona where prices were reasonable but their selection was very limited. Checked the shelves and half of the shelves were empty. Asked a guy in that department and he pretty much said what I saw was what I'd get. Asked if they would order to replace their empty bins and he said there was no way to tell. Rona is a home and garden center and if they cannot keep up with their basic supplies, how do they expect customers to go there for special projects? It is understandable that stocks run low from time to time. But they should be able to order parts for their customers. At least to be able to restock in a timely manner.

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They have the worst stock inventory system. I checked their online site and it indicated a certain location had the water test kit that I wanted in stock. Went there but found zero. Asked a staff member, he checked their own system and told me to go to a second location where I should be able to find the kit. Drove 1/2 hour to the second location only was told they had the kit somewhere in the store but they didn't know where it was. Asked if they could find it or at least order it for me but the answer was 'no'. This time they sent me to Cochrane to look for the kit. I called Cochrane to have someone do a shelf check just to make sure they had it before driving all the way down there. After 1.5 hours of driving around I finally found one water test kit. The bottom line is... the computer system of Canadian Tire is completely useless. Always get someone to do a shelf check, never trust their online site or even their computer system!

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