Aug 7 I ordered a bin. When the bin was dropped off they placed 3 (2X8) planks of wood under the bin to protect my driveway (at the time I appreciated this) Aug 8 I called to have the bin picked up ISSUE 1 They left their thick, heavy planks on my driveway. Living in the city of Toronto they must be cut down & tied together before the city will pick them up. This might seem like a minor issue but when you only have a h& saw, it poses a major issue. ISSUE 2 Aug 23 I called to get the amount of my final bill this is when I was told THEY HAD NO RECORD OF MY BIN BEING PICKED UP. I was told they would INVESTIGATE & get back to me ISSUE 3 Aug 29 I called to see if they FOUND my bin. Apparently the bin they FOUND weighted 3.6 TONS mind-you there was nothing heavy in the bin (no cement, concrete, wood, bricks, soil, furniture etc..) & this can’t be disputed because I didn’t weight my bin before it left my house SAVE YOURSELF THE GOUGING & CHOOSE A DIFFERENT COMPANY!!

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