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We used HomePro for our recent home purchase. Not only were we provided with all of the defects in the house, but also we were taught how to care for all of the components of the home. We were able to re-negotiate over $5000 off the price for defects found. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

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We hired Maize to install eavestroughs on our home. We hired them because they assured us that they had experience and the knowledge to install on to a metal roof. Within weeks of installation, it was discovered that water was leaking between the new eavestrough and the fascia. This was occuring because they had incorrectly installed the eavestrough over the water barrier instead of behind. This left us with very dangerous patches of ice on our front and rear steps as well as outside the garage for the entire winter. After posting here, Maize contacted me and repaired the defective installation. Maize refused to repair the issue (which would involve removing and re-installing) without charging an additional $440 for an additional drip edge. We already have a drip edge in place which is part of the metal roof, so adding another one was just ridiculous. I spent several hours removing the eavestroughs at the worst areas and re-installing correctly. Now they work perfectly without leaking. Proving that the additional drip edge was not required. Pathetic installation, pathetic customer service, bordering an fraud. The only reason they get a generous "1" is for quality materials. I would recommend avoiding them at all cost. UPDATE; After viewing this review, Maize took the proper and professional steps to correct the issues with my installation.

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Company Response

Hi mike,

I spoke with you earlier on the phone. I am very sorry of the steps you had to take in order to better the situation. Of course, we haven't established this business, after 25 years, on the service you've received. I hope,when we will meet, we will come to a better conclusion.

thank you