Our experience with BonTech was miserable. The only time Dan seemed polite and reasonable was when he came to quote the job. From that point on it seemed the mantra was " do the least as quickly as possible and get out". He put in a new service for us and left the old one in place with the wires hanging out, saying there was nothing he could do about it until he sensed my growing frustration and put a cap on it. The quote included rough in of new wiring, and returning to install lights and plugs after drywall and paint. During rough in, he actually said that I could finish up the lights and plugs, that it was easy. Incredible! The light fixtures were showroom models, so assembled but not tightened up. He refused to do this as it wasn't his job. Had I purchased fixtures new in the box, they would all have come disassembled. I tightened them up myself. At one point there was a plug hanging where a wall had been removed and I asked how he planned to deal with it and he said he would just throw it up in the attic and we could cover it with insulation. I told him that was unacceptable, that it should go into a junction box, and he said it would be extra, so I just reinstalled it into a new wall at 4' high myself. Any extras I would request would automatically turn him argumentative although I always told him I would pay for any extra work, and did, yet when I called him back for warranty work one time only, his reaction was that he would charge me to return, how fair he was and that he hadn't charged me for any extras. A private home inspector had found a very scorched 220 cable in the new panel at the clamp and this would hold up the sale of the house so I asked Dan to have a look at it. His immediate response was he would charge me to return, that it wasn't his fault, that it is an old wire and how can he be responsible for and old wire that he had installed into a panel that he had installed. In my opinion, if the wire was in such bad shape, he should have known that and informed me. The wire runs about 4-5' to a junction box, so it would have been easy to replace and I would have paid to change it if it were an issue, but in reality the wire looks in perfectly good condition except for the location that Dan clamped it into the box. I am going to call the city inspector to see if it was inspected and let them know the issue. I will pay another electrician double to fix this rather than pay Dan to do this. A most unpleasant experience!

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