First Review


**LOOK AT OTHER PROVIDERS BEFORE USING POOL PATROL*** I want you as a consumer to be informed therefore I will give as many details as possible. Pool Patrol does not provide quality service and the reasons I warrant this feedback are the following. 1) Pet Lovers Beware: the staff will leave gates open or unattended and your beloved pet may NOT be there when you get home or you may end up chasing them down the road. 2) Pool Patrol charges three times the amount for supplies UNLESS you buy your own however they do not tell you this unless you ask. 3) Pool Patrol does not respond on time nor do they get back to you in a timely manner. Took lots of correspondence back and forth to get them to show up and shock the pool, then they had to be called countless times to come back out on sight and finish the job. 4) They do not work around your schedule; asked in advance if the pool cleaning time could be scheduled for a different day for one week. The staff member agreed upon the scheduled date, however when I called on the scheduled date to find out where they were the Owner was very rude and said "they do not make changes to their schedule, they come on the designated date or not at all." I wish I could give you a positive or two, I guess that when they did show up they did do their job for the fifteen minutes that they were on site.

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