Worst experience of my life dealing with a contractor. Destroyed my pool liner and other property in a pathetic attempt at a waterfeature. Left an unsafe eyesore that sheds rock dust, rusty water , and shards if plaster in to my pool can't even be used because it leaks so bad has wires protruding from it and I have to keep children away from it to avoid cutting themselves on the rusty wires...HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

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Company Response

Hi Pat, sorry you feel that way. As of our last visit there was no noticeable damage to your liner. since you wont allow us or a third party pool installer access as requested, we cant verify this. I completed this waterfall myself and there were no leaks at last visit. You would have been able to submit a warranty claim for all of these supoosed issues had you not refused to pay the final 30% of your contract price. We have reached out numerous times after completion for a deficiency report and received none. Here is how the feature looked on our final day: