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Kitchen Range Hood

Gave me an estimate then charged more. Mistakes on the estimate he said. We were clear on the terms but I paid it anyway.

He retrofitted the 6" duct to a 4". This is not to code and he told me it had to be done because of the way the beams in the attic landed. I went up there to check it out and there's no such obstruction. He did all that because he wanted to use up 4" ducts and roof vents he already had.

The I noticed some garbage fall off the roof. When I went up and checked, the roof vent was not installed correctly at all. I had to call and pay a roofer to do it properly. Turns out the duct had fallen off since it wasn't taped properly. We were exhausting into the roof...

As for the range hood, it was installed using random screws that weren't enough to support the hood. He only used an anchor on one of them. The straight duct leading into the attic wasn't supported at all and leaned on its side.

He left a mess when he left.

I messaged him about this issue and asked for a refund. He said he'd be back to work with me in fixing my issues. No thanks buddy. He offered half of the cost of me hiring the roofer. 250 bucks.

He's a nice enough guy. But stay away from his service. He's not equipped to do this work and I should have just paid more and got a pro to do it. As it is now, I can't use a 4 inch duct in my house. They're not designed for kitchen ranges. I have to pay again to redo everything.

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Company Response

Marcos we wanted to try and resolve this issue however you didn't allow us to come by to confirm that whatever that was completed wasn't correct. As far as I know what was done was correct, and we try to be fair. we have installed thousands of range hoods and all our clients were happy. We would like to resolve this issue with you please contact us at your earliest.