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Window Sales Misleading

The areas of concern are pertaining to my basement windows which are the steel frame Reliant windows and some windows in my bathroom which currently have California shutters on them. The install for all windows was intended to be brick to brick.

Our basement windows are quite rotted out with the frame rusting badly and broken in a couple of places so my initial thought is the entire window and frame need to be replaced. Upon visit from the sales agent, he wasn’t sure if they could be capped or need a rebuilt (fair enough he’s sales) and he would refer to the measurement tech that would come out.

With regards to the California shutters, the sales rep advised a brick to brick install could be performed while at the same time ensuring that the shutters are removed and re-installed.

We also wanted 2 fake windows put in however he wasn’t sure about the available design and stated he would get back to us.

He drafted a contract based on basement windows being capped and California shutters as described above. However, we would have an option to further review details with measurement tech and make any changes or cancel the job altogether at that appointment which was to be within 1-2 weeks.

Upon visit from the measurement tech 3 weeks later, he was extremely uncertain that the California shutters could go back and that “sales people will tell you anything”. He was frustrated and said he would “make it work”. Upon looking at the basement windows and taking pictures, he mentioned they looked pretty bad and most likely cant’ be capped and he would have his install manager give an expert opinion. I'd like to also note that the tech showed up with no ladder and asked to borrow ours, not handling it like a professional, banging out eavestroughs. Who shoes up to a measurement appointment with windows on the 2nd floor without a ladder?

In any case, we advised the sales rep of the tech’s findings and that further opinion would have to be gauged. We were told of a response in the “next couple of days”.

We follows up 8 days later, no response. 12 days later and were told the next day. Still no answer.

Next day I get a call from them requesting an installation date which shocked me. The details and requirements were still not finalized (scope or details of the basement windows, whether or not the shutters would go back in properly, or confirmation of the fake window design) but they are calling to book an install!

Upon messaging the sales rep, he advised the basement windows were ready for install. At this point my trust just went downhill with this company as it seemed they were forging ahead with an order without having clear requirements aligned with the customer and clear expectations set.

I called the sales rep and he misinformed me stating that they always recommend rebuilding the basement windows. Not true – he said he would need expert opinion which I still had not received. I asked if rebuilding would need to cut into the brick and he said yes. I asked for details to be sent in an email. Upon receiving it later that night, he mentioned no cut into the brick would be required and the description of the work involved installing a lentil and a wood frame which was different from metal frames previously discussed.

Furthermore, he advised that the shutters would be re-installed based on a stud to stud installation, contrary to the contract, and that aluminum capping would be needed to hide the insulation. We clearly mentioned previously that we do not want any aluminum and expect a quality, professional, clean install in a brick to brick scenario.

This was escalated to a VP who advised something else.

It’s very frustrating and disappointing to be dealing with answers like this and loss of trust when they contradict what is written in the contract. Furthermore, we came across another customer with the same California shutter scenario, and their install turned out to be a disaster, very messy and unprofessional looking, and the shutters ended up being cut into!

I cannot trust this company to do quality work and them having you as a representative tarnishes your reputation on doing professional, quality, clean installs.

I have emails and text messages with these conversations.

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