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Jen H in Oshawa
Jen H in Oshawa
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After researching various window companies, we decided to go with Brock Windows as a result of the high ratings they received on various websites for both quality and customer service. We visited the Whitby showroom location in August 2018 and had a sales person come out the following week. The salesperson was nice and did a rough measuring of the windows. In all we decided to get 3 bedroom windows replaced. We were told that another person would come to take the actual measurements in the next week or two. My husband communicated with a customer service rep via telephone and gave dates and times that we would be home so that the measurements could be taken. To our surprise we came home one day to find a hanger on our front door saying that our job had been measured. We questioned amongst ourselves why they would not measure from both the outside and inside for greater accuracy but in the end we assumed that they knew what they were doing. That was a big mistake.

Initially we were told it would take up to 12 weeks to get the windows. By week 14 we still had not heard back. Eventually an install date of December 10th was booked. Not only did my husband have to take the day off work but we also had his father drive from about 2 hours away to help move furniture away from the windows. When the installers arrived that day, they noted that there were several issues. The biggest one being that the windows had not been measured correctly and were too big. Basically, we were told the measurer didn’t seem to know what they were doing. To solve the problem the installers said they would have to smash out some of the walls around the window to make them fit. Yes, that is correct, they wanted to make our house fit their incorrectly measured windows rather than giving us windows that fit out house!!! That makes as much sense as holding a light bulb and turning the house to screw it in. Obviously, we said thank you, but no thank you, we want windows that are the correct size. Unfortunately, this then meant having to call into Brock Window’s customer service department where we reiterated the fact that we wanted someone to come and re-measure the windows and get new windows that fit. The customer service rep proceeded to tell us that the installers did not know what they were talking about. So now we were at the point where we have been told that nobody at Brock Windows knows what they are doing or what they are talking about. Fantastic. The customer service rep said she would get back to us asap. And then we waited. And waited. Finally, after a week of hearing nothing back and being told “she’s not in the office” we demanded to speak to somebody else. After a lot of hassle, they finally agreed to re-measure the windows and get new ones made.

We then experienced more aggravating issues regarding the new install date. Now that it was in the dead of winter, when Anthony called to ask if they come install the windows February 1st, we said no. The earliest we would be willing was March as we did not want to run into further issues due to the cold. Therefore, we mutually agreed that the install would take place March 1st. Sure enough in true Brock Windows customer service fashion, Anthony calls a few days before February 1st to “confirm” the February 1st install date. To which my husband explains to him that they had already discussed it and it was scheduled for March 1st. Anthony basically played dumb and said he was just verifying because he had two different dates written down. Dear Anthony, we are not stupid and we know you were trying to get us to give in to the February 1st date….For the record, February 1st ended up being one, if not the coldest, mornings of the winter so we were happy with our decision not to be peer-pressured. Finally, on March 1st after having to take more time off of work, we received our windows. The installers were nice and friendly and did a good job. The only issue that one of the windows was not primed. So basically, someone ran out of paint and was just too lazy to get more.

Overall I can honestly say that this was the worst experiences my husband and I have ever had as a consumer. After all of these issues we never received even a simple apology, only finger pointing amongst Brock employees saying nobody knows what they are doing. As someone who works in the retail industry, I know for a fact that a simple, “I am sorry we screwed up but this is how we are going to fix it” would have gone a long way and probably would have prevented me from writing this review.

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Company Response

Hi there Jennifer & Edward,

First and foremost, we would like to apologize for any and all inconveniences you had experienced throughout your projects timeline. It is safe to say that we would never desire for any installation to go unfavourably, for anyone. We're sorry if you received no formal apology for the troubles you endured.

We were in no way shape or form putting you in a position to select the date of February 1st, this was an unexpected mistake due to the original date that was being held for you, not being removed immediately from the schedule. There would be no reason to subject you to accepting that date, or make you feel pressured to do so - we work alongside our clients to ensure the dates work for both us and them. It is procedure for us to call the day before the scheduled installation as a reminder of the work taking place, your project came up and your PC called to confirm it was moving forward. This was a mistake that absolutely could've been avoided, but was not done in malice.

If you at any point in time would like to discuss this feedback and your experience, please do reach out to our Customer Relations Manager, Natalie, at, or by telephone at 1-800-449-3808 ext. 1106.

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