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Evangelo and Julia in Aurora
Evangelo and Julia in Aurora
9 reviews Aurora, ON

Window replacement

Our experience with Brock started out well but went downhill come installation time. The sales person, Dave, was great to work with. He was thorough, straightforward and honest. He was the only one, out of five salespeople we got quotes from, who told us our window coverings would likely have to be replaced. That being said, we were charged $60/window for the promise to "try" and retrofit our existing blinds. I had this adjusted on our bill, I wasn't going to pay for someone to "try" to do something (and frankly, there was no way the window coverings would have fit in the new windows after trying them out post-install). The price quoted was fairly competitive, not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive and they were ready for install ~10 weeks from time of order.

The problem began with the install person. He arrived on the agreed upon day over an hour later than promised. No big deal. There were 2 installers, one seemingly experienced and the other not so much. We had 7 windows to install (4 main floor, 3 2nd floor) and it ended up taking them 2 full days for the install (2 days to install 7 windows?!). The finished job doesn't look bad on the surface, I'll have to wait a couple of years before that can be measured. The problem was the state in which they left our home between days; it was a disaster. Tools and a loaded spray foam gun left laying around (we have 3 under 5 children, potentially disastrous), many 3" screws left on the floor in the master bedroom, insulation, spray foam, and wood trim strewn by every window replaced. Our kitchen sink was full of debris and not usable for the night. The installer didn't have his own broom or step ladder (how does a window installer not have his own step-ladder?!) I ended up doing all of the cleaning on the inside of the house the second day they came because I realized they'd be here into the night if I left it up to them. I understand construction can be very messy, but we've never had contractors leave an occupied living space in such a condition before, and we've lived through renos. Second day, after they were ready to leave I did a walkthrough of our house and saw they left a loaded spray foam gun IN MY KIDS ROOM, after I discussed the danger of doing this with them that morning! This could have been a huge problem for the installers, Brock, my wife and I, and most importantly one of our kids.

The pictures I have posted are post-first day install, this is how they left our house. The windows look great but would we use/recommend Brock again? Based on this install experience, highly unlikely.

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Company Response

Hi Evangelo & Julia, we're sorry to hear that you're unhappy with your experience. Thank you for sharing this information with us. We have addressed the situation with the installer and his team directly because obviously this is not the standard to which we hold our installation teams work to. In regards to your blinds, if they had not fit back (as sometimes they do not) we most certainly would have refunded the amount to you. Thankfully there were no serious issues, everything was cleaned up in the end and we're glad that you're happy with the windows. Please feel free to call us if there is anything else you need. Again, we are sorry & thank you for your time & patience.