Shower Install or Replace in Aylmer, QC

There are different types of showers suited for various homeowner needs - for example, a stand alone shower is great for small bathrooms, whereas families may prefer a shower/tub combo. Whichever you decide, hire a home service pro to get the job done.

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Published: 08/16/2019
What a rough customer experience. So the product it self was good but the staff orchestrating it was horrible! First of all the bathtub is $1,500+ Tax. They are very very coy about the price and won't tell you...
Published: 06/04/2019
Jamal is one of the best contractors we’ve used. He respected my budget, did a beautiful job and went above and beyond. He finished the job on time and within budget. We couldn’t be happier.
Published: 02/19/2019
Jay from Installal was amazing to work with. He takes pride in his workmanship and truly has the best interest of the client at heart. We are really happy with the final product and definitely recommend Jay for...