Brick or Stone Fireplace (Non-Gas) - Repair in Weston, ON

The key to prolonging a wood-burning fireplace's lifespan is routine maintenance - when the fire is out and the ashes are completely cold, homeowners should remove ashes from the firebox. Hire a home service pro to help solve your fireplace problems.

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Published: 01/21/2023
Alex inspected cleaned my gas fireplace. It was about 5 years since it had been looked at. He took rust off the box. Very satisfied. Thank you!
Published: 01/14/2023
Were very happy with our experience with Classic. Edward took the time to show us the stove, explain the ordering and installation process in detail. He was able to give us a good idea of the lead time and...
Published: 01/12/2023
Classic Fireplace and BBQ recently sold us and installed our new gas fireplace. Babz and the sales team helped us decide on the best unit for our house. The unit arrived on the projected date. The price for installation was...