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Heavy rainfall can interfere with satellite signals - if your TV has lost signal or has poor picture quality, we recommend calling in a home service pro to help troubleshoot the issue and fix it. Depending on the situation, most repairs can be done within a day.

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Published: 04/17/2019
My roofing company was pretty sure the old bracing for my antenna wasn't compatible with my new steel roof, and probably shouldn't be tied into my roof beams anyway. They were right, and so Dr. Antenna came one Saturday morning...
Published: 03/15/2019
High winds had caused a bracket to come loose and my antenna was hanging by only one bracket. Christopher went up on the roof in the high winds and managed to reattach the bracket is secure and realign...
Published: 08/19/2018
Christopher installed an outdoor antenna on top of our roof with an amplifier on August 7. Prior to that, we used three indoor antennas to connect our TVs and would pick up all the Toronto channels and two from Buffalo...