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A microwave at home can come in handy when you want to heat up food quickly - it is also more energy efficient compared to a traditional oven and you are less likely to burn food in a microwave. Hire a home service pro to help install a microwave at home.

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Published: 04/11/2019
Great service, reasonably fast, fair price, nice staff. Can't go wrong. Highly recommend. The only way I could be more happy is if they had a puppy for me to pet.
Published: 04/08/2019
I have one plus 5 T My screen was badly amaged I go to the Dr Digital work shop and they give me a very good service In one day my phone recovered Thank you for your good service.
Published: 04/06/2019
Did a great job - my iphone SE screen that was previously smashed and had a half black screen, is now all fixed and workly perfectly! The service was fast as well.