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Weatherstripping is the sealing process of windows and doors - it prevents air from leaking and can help save costs on energy bills at home. There are different weatherstripping materials suited for homeowners' needs and weather conditions.

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Published: 06/19/2019
Very professional and outstanding quality work. Alex Mirkin, company representative, was enthusiastic, passionate, and detailed in both his process and vision for the renovation. Eduardo, the lead of deployment team, has described what each day would look like perfectly and,...
Published: 06/14/2019
Ordered this door July 24 2018. After many calls and very poor excuses from Consumers Choice this door as of today June 14 2019 is still NOT ready. The delivery date or installation on the contract is November...
Published: 06/10/2019
The vinyl material is not temperature friendly. Throughout the year season, the shutters produce cracking sound. In winter when the heat comes on, they crackling away like toasting chestnut. In summer, with the windows open and when the wind blow...