Antenna - Install or Replace in Ulster, ON

If you live close enough to a broadcast tower, you can actually install an antenna indoors. However, if that doesn't work, you will have to install an antenna outdoors on your roof. Since antenna installation outdoors involve heights, we recommend hiring a home service pro.

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Published: 06/23/2019
They did an amazing job , they were very clean very professional and made sure everything they did was perfect and correct as if was being done in there house . They made me feel comfortable from start to finish....
Published: 06/26/2019
Amazing service, great install and easy to deal with. had a wonderful experience from front to back. Was able to email and phone the customer service person easily and they helped a lot.
Published: 06/20/2019
We lost a wallet containing our Grand Alarm Codes. I called to have the card replaced and had amazing service. The new card is in the mail and we have a temp. code to use until the new...