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Site preparation is essential to the construction of a new home - it is important to clear away obstructing trees and conduct necessary rough grading and rough staking procedures to ensure a strong foundation. Hire a home service pro to get the job done right.

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Published: 05/03/2018
It was a pleasure working with Ontario Excavation! Their work was clean, well organized and timely. They hit every deadline bang on. But the major plus was their reliability. I struggled to find a time that they wouldn't take my...
Published: 12/02/2018
I had water backing up into my basement. I got in contact with Drain Target through homeStars. They came and assessed the issue quickly and outline what needed to be done and the cost. I...
Published: 10/29/2017
One of my fork lift operators damaged the storm pipe 6" diameter from the flat roof. Very unfortunate as the pipe is surrounded with paper rolls and it was supposed to rain that day. Thanks to Drain Target and their...