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A programmable thermostat comes in handy for the changing of seasons and is a great way to save on energy costs. If your home thermostat is giving you trouble, get a home service pro to sort it out and put your mind at ease.

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Published: 06/26/2019
They installed only a smoke and carbon monoxide detector to the main floor of my home and assumed the monitoring of my existing system. I have had to call for service 5 times in 6 weeks. Twice technicians...
Published: 06/21/2019
I have a doorbell/camera system which was installed by AlarmForce in use for 3.5 years with no problems, if any issues arrived they were quick to respond.Now, it seems Bell has taken over this system from AlarmForce, now the system...
Published: 05/21/2019
I've used Alarm force (Now Bell) for over 4 years. The email notification service stopped working and I called in but I never received a proper explanation why it stopped. After waiting for 2 months for the customer...