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Outdoor lighting is an art - with so many styles and functionalities to choose from, planning a coherent look can get a little overwhelming. For pathway lights, experts recommend keeping some space in between each light to avoid the "runway" look.

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Published: 06/23/2019
I contracted Hot Wire to do some simple electrical things (e.g. move dining lights from one floor to another & fix the doorbell (which ended up just being a broken chime)), as well as some more complicated things such as...
Published: 06/19/2019
I’m really conflicted on this one—in most ways, they did a very nice job and the service was great. But, it was also a frustrating experience, and I’m dissatisfied with one of the four things they installed... plus wasn’t cheap. The...
Published: 05/23/2019
Had a 'dead' outlet that I needed to get fixed and Hotwire Electric was very quick to help me out with the issue. Response time was fantastic and were able to send an electrician over the next day....