Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit (Gas) - Install in Sparr, ON

Prefabricated fireplaces have become a popular choice among homeowners, as they cost less and are easier to install compared to traditional fireplaces. Gas prefabricated fireplaces are also preferred, as they only require a simple gas line installed near the fireplace for the burnt gas to leave the house.

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Published: 05/31/2019
We had water dripping down from our Chimney. Owen was quick to inform us that rooftop dampers generally don't leak. He checked the inside of the firebox and flue and informed us about code and how we were in good...
Published: 04/27/2019
Nima and his team are amazing! Our hot water heater stopped working and after calling around for quotes, we finally found Mr. Heat Mechanical. By the time I spoke with Nima we had been without hot water and heat...
Published: 01/13/2019
We had Nima look at our gas fireplace which wouldn't ignite. He diagnosed the problem within 5 minutes, ordered the part, installed a few days later and all is well. I mentioned I had to replace my furnace and air conditioner...