Flat, Foam or Single Ply Roofing - Repair in Shallow Lake, ON

As flat roofing is susceptible to water damage, this may lead to extensive repairs during rainy seasons. The top coat of a foam roof needs to be recoated every 5-10 years, as it may be susceptible to UV radiation. As single-ply roofing only has one thin layer, it can be easily punctured and may require repairs.

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Published: 09/02/2018
After researching several roofing companies, both shingles and steel, I was influenced by the good reviews of New Steel Roofers on Homestar and made the request for a quote on August 24 2015 From hereon, from start to finish, the staff...
Published: 12/07/2018
During the job it was bad weather . Took a little longer than thought . All and all looks great !!
Published: 11/12/2018
The same 10' X 4' patch of home roof asphalt shingles had blown off twice in a 5 year period. Time for a steel roof! The HY-GRADE salesman was relaxed, extremely knowledgeable and experienced with steel roofing products and didn't...