Chimney or Fireplace - Clean and Inspect in King Ferry, ON

Creosote is a type of black or brown residue formed from wood burning in a chimney - if there is an excess of creosote, it could become a fire hazard. Depending on the usage, chimneys and fireplaces should be inspected at least once a year to ensure home safety.

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Published: 10/17/2018
With an old Victorian house, you get some erosion around the brick joints over time. You also get some crumbling where the brick meets the ground, allowing water to get into your basement. Allan came by from Wilkens and fixed...
Published: 10/22/2018
I contacted Guy Bowman on the recommendation of a general contractor. The brick at the base of my house was crumbling and my insurance company required it to be repaired. Guy visited my house and then followed up with...
Published: 10/12/2018
They did an excellent job ! I have an old house and it was amazing how they matched the bricks for the chimneys that they rebuilt the same colour of the original bricks that made...