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If you're deciding between paint or wallpaper for your room, paint is typically more affordable, but wallpaper tends to last longer which helps save money in the long run. It also depends on the room type - for example, it is best to avoid using wallpaper in the bathroom or the kitchen.

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Published: 06/07/2019
While this wasn't the most glamorous project request, it needed to be done right. I needed to revert the dark, jewel-toned walls in my rental back to their original, white state, with the usual minor wall repairs. I left Daniel...
Published: 04/07/2019
My experience was very positive! Reasonably priced and the job was done quickly and looks amazing! I noticed that the removed all covers for electric and light switches, rather than painting around them. They cleaned up all...
Published: 04/07/2019
Flying colours was fast, effective and skilled at wall and ceiling repairs. I was very pleased with the transformation they created in preparing my home for sale. They came in on time and on budget and I...