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For loose tiles, experts recommend warming the tile with a preheated iron so that the remaining adhesive is loosened and the tile can be easily removed. If removed by force, the tile could break. After the tile is warmed up, it can be easily removed with a putty knife.

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Published: 01/03/2019
We are very pleased with Joyce and her service. Joyce provided her professional advices and encouragements. We moved forward to change our kitchen countertops. We had updated our kitchen countertops few months ago. Lately our washrooms were renovated. We...
Published: 11/29/2018
I purchased a granite kitchen counter installed in 2013 and have been really happy with it. At the time the company was called Stonehaven Granite Works. Last month I noticed a gap between the seam of the 2 slabs....
Published: 10/05/2018
We agreed on one thing, I got delivered something else. They did not agree to the mistake they made. I stopped the installation, and sent them away. After couple of days they called me and promised a solution. The solution...