Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System - Repair in Erindale, ON

Before making any repairs, don't forget to turn off the system first. If the water pressure is unusually low, your pipes may be crushed by tree roots growing around the pipe. Broken sprinkler heads may be easy to detect, but you may have to dig along the water line to detect crushed pipes.

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Published: 07/16/2019
The sprinklers and lighting were strategically placed for maximum effect . The team is always organized , punctual and always willing to solve any concerns. Scheduling is flexible. I would highly recommend.
Published: 06/28/2019
Facing an ever losing battle, I asked a friend whose lawn is gorgeous what she was doing that was so right. Her answer was simple: “I use Green Blade.” My next dilemma, my friend lives in a gorgeous house south...
Published: 06/14/2019
First time using a lawn service. After years of self treatment and countless $$$ spent on off the shelf products. Nothing worked. I even considered replacing my entire lawn. Our yard was a yellow dandy lion...