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An attic fan shakes or rattles when it is not getting enough air. To solve this problem, home service pros recommend installing a window at the attic, so that you can open it and allow natural air flow. Please note that the window should be installed at least 30 feet away from the fan.

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Published: 07/14/2019
worked on washer which is on last i know i have to purchase new washer.
Published: 07/16/2019
I highly recommend this company. I have called them twice for separate issues. They are responsive, reliable, and honest. They will not charge for unnecessary repairs and are knowledgeable and will give advice if they cannot repair appliance.
Published: 07/09/2019
This is a very professional company that offers excellent, on-time, clean and friendly service. Our repair guy was not condesecending because I am a woman and was very respectful. He was very knowledgeable and seemed trustworthy. Overall,...