Sewer Main - Install, Replace or Repair in Downsview, ON

Sewer mains are very important and require proper installation - costs will vary depending on the housing type, the distance to a connector line, potential obstructions underground and pipe materials. Hire a home service pro to take care of your sewer main needs at home.

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Published: 08/10/2019
On a Thursday afternoon, our tenant made us aware that there was sewage back up and flooding in the basement. Greg from Advanced Plumbing was the first to respond to my service request (within the next minute!) and was...
Published: 08/12/2019
We called in Alex when our kitchen sink got clogged. He responded right away and within the day, arrived to help us out. Throughout the experience, you could tell that he was passionate about his work and wanted...
Published: 08/09/2019
Long story short, my toddler flushed a toilet roll holder into the toilet which clogged it up. We're in a condo. Found online and was impressed by the reviews. Alex was dispatched for our job did...