Well Pump - Install or Replace in Bowmanville, ON

A well pump extracts water from a water well - there are different types of pumps out there, but submersible pumps tend to be the most popular choice. Submersible pumps tend to last 8-10 years before they need to be replaced.

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Published: 05/14/2019
I was very impressed with the technician, John. He went above and beyond to be thorough and helpful. He assessed the two issues quickly and I felt extremely confident in the work he did. I even called back as I...
Published: 05/13/2019
We had to replace a cartridge in our shower. the plumber was friendly quoted between $100-$450 for the job but stated $450 was highly unlikely. When the plumber was done he shared that he observed another issue that was going...
Published: 05/12/2019
The Service Technician from Mr Rooter was very professional. He provided a very reasonable estimate at the end of his first visit and the installation began three days later. Their two-man crew worked very hard to install the backwater valve...