Metal Roofing - Install or Replace in Barrie, ON

Metal roofing has become a popular choice among homeowners, as they are known to last 40-70 years, compared to traditional asphalt roofing which typically only lasts 12-20 years. They are also known to be more energy efficient, as they reflect sunlight and absorb less heat.

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Published: 10/30/2022
I had 3 roofing companies provide quotes including one who had done my roof in the past. The quotes ranged by $2000 and 1-2-3 was the lowest. However, that is not why I chose them. Joe's meeting with me provided...
Published: 08/17/2022
Needed a metal roof replaced, new plywood installed and new shingles laid. Job was well done. I had some minor concerns and they were dealt with promptly and satisfactorily. I would recommend this roofing company!
Published: 06/21/2022
We think our new, light grey roof is cool, literally and esthetically, but the effect of also changing the eaves, soffits and downpipes for ones of a complimentary colour has been transformational for this 35 year old house. We now...