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Power washing may be a great cleaning solution, but the high pressure can pose as a safety hazard. When using power washing equipment, don't forget to wear protective gear and make sure the nozzle is not pointed at anyone.

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Published: 07/21/2019
In addition to our usual list of home maintenance chores, which include inside and outside window cleaning, eaves troughs and eaves, we've also included replacing the lights in our eaves and this year we had Performance Property Services to power...
Published: 07/05/2019
We’d previously used Performance Property Services for eaves cleaning and decided to hire them for a recent window cleaning, given both the height of our exterior windows and the fact that our skylights would involve being up on the roof....
Published: 06/27/2019
The eaves trough's and siding look great. There are quite a few areas on the back of the house where it is stained with dried soap. But I will be able to clean that off. They did a great job